Basta! War mentality should stop

When are most of our leaders finally going to realize that they belong to the wrong family?

The “war family” has been damaging our planet for ages.

Through violence of all sorts it has dominated the “peace family”. It has caused the destruction of millions of lives and of billions worth of Nature and infrastructure.

Time to change mentality and to transform Earth into the home for all instead of into the home for a few – foreseeably having to fear that home might be destroyed as well.

Still, the “war family” does not seem to have learned enough lessons from all the damage that it has caused already.
It is even willing to sacrifice its own family members to the wrong ideals. Even willing to sacrifice this incredibly beautiful Earth to their lust for power.

This sounds too simplistic? No, it is simply too complicated to be understood by people with the war mentality.

Destruction instead of construction

New weapons are being developed constantly. Billions are invested in destruction instead of in the construction of a better life for so many poor people around the world.

The “war family” is already installing part of its deadly arsenal in Space. As well as sophisticated intelligence systems to control any move anybody anywhere makes anytime.

But the “war family” is reaching the very limit.

More and more people around the world view the definition of life as held by the “war family” as endlessly outdated. As is its definition of power. In fact, if the family continues to uphold these definitions, they will be in for some sobering surprises.

And yes, because of its mentality, the “war family” might try and do anything just to know what the surprises will be. But even the most sophisticated weapons will offer no help. Over-simplistic!

We would advise to revert the trend and to start learning from the mistakes of the past. To build a future and not to destroy it. A future for anybody anywhere.

Invest in a decent life for all instead of in the destruction of all life! Tackle problems like poverty and social and ecological injustice at home as well as further away.

That will mean real power! Transform Earth into the home for all instead of into the home for a few – foreseeably having to fear that home might be destroyed as well.

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PRIVACY: your data remain in Danellandia

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