Seeing the invisible – also in politics

Engineers are reportedly developing a new type of camera with an extraordinary amount of pixels and based on the so-called cosmic reflection.
It would not only allow us to photograph the visible but also the invisible.
The words spoken by the people in the picture would be captured as well. As would some of their thoughts. This new camera has been provisionally code-named Final Truth.
The pictures taken by the camera can be zoomed into to an incredible detail. Radio waves of speech and thoughts are shown too. A software programme translates the waves into readable words. Right on the computer.

Real intentions revealed

The Final Truth camera will make people behave differently. Only true leaders will dare to come into the limelight, as some of their real intentions will be revealed.
Nowadays, some politicians might speak about solidarity that benefits all and still be manipulated by the powerful tentacles of lobbyists. They might tell us they are defending the interests of us all but actually be defending those of a particular class or group that really holds power behind the scenes.
They might speak about change but actually be taking steps to perpetuate the same old system that has led to injustice, abuse and violence – especially towards Nature.

Liberating effect

The camera is expected to run into quite some serious resistance from the part of leaders not having the highest ethical standards. Besides, ethics have a liberating impact.
The true impact of the camera cannot yet be predicted. It will change mentality. It will lead to the change the world badly needs. Background information will have a different meaning altogether.

Not just us but everybody

The information about the Final Truth has not been confirmed yet. It might seem to be taken from a science fiction book. But then again, some previous science fiction has become reality.
This revolutionary camera would certainly open up incredible possibilities as it would help to penetrate some of the most resistant obstacles preventing this world from reaching global peace.
Our leaders and everyone should think about “how to save the world and all of us” and not about “how to save myself”. Party-political motives should not be a driving force. Neither should be any motives inspired by a feeling of superiority on the basis of status, descent, race, culture or religion.
The Final Truth camera could help to finally do just that: work on justice and peace for all…
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