Refugee or migrant for a reason

Refugees or migrants try to get into the richer countries for a reason.

They risk their lives and often pay all that they have to escape from a situation that can hardly be called life.

No decent food, poor housing, hardly any work or none, no health care, unsafe living conditions…

Almost every day, refugees or migrants from poor countries drown in the territorial waters of the developed or rich countries.

People in the richer countries have got used to near daily images of dead refugees and shipwrecks. Some people even say that “migrants should have stayed in their countries in the first place” and do not seem to care.

But refugees or migrants try to get into the richer countries for a reason. They risk their lives and often pay all that they have to escape from a situation that can hardly be called life. No decent food, poor housing, hardly any work or none, no health care… A situation that is often made worse by war and conflict in their countries.

Most people having to live in those circumstances would do all that they can to look for a new beginning somewhere else, as many Europeans did in previous centuries when Europe was not as prosperous and stable as it is today. 

As long as the refugees’ countries offer no better prospects, they will try to make it to the richer countries.

Why are the prospects so poor? Why is there so much poverty? Why? 

Poverty is a breeding ground for refugees. And it is a breeding ground for rebels and terrorists. Rebels and terrorists cause huge damage to their countries and to others.

Refugees want a better and more stable future for themselves and for their families. They look for it in other countries.

Poverty and corruption

Poverty is often due to corruption. Studies confirm that the poorest countries are often the most corrupt. Why are they corrupt? Because they often lack the democratic political instruments to control their leaders. Leaders that do not have the right moral standards. Wealth is concentrated in the hands of a small percentage of the population. Governments are often not democratic or just on the outside. In many countries, a strong army helps to maintain a very imbalanced stability while “ordinary people” are suffering. Besides, the army is generally a customer of the Western arms industry.


The rich countries should do more to combat corruption and to install democracy in those poor countries. It will of course require a rethinking of defence. The best defence are people satisfied with their living conditions.

Poverty in the proportions that we know it today is a shame on Humanity. It affects its health overall. Humanity is like a body. If a part of it suffers, the whole body is affected. Helping to cure poverty contributes to Humanity’s health. Wherever.

Rich and poor relatives

“It’s their destiny”, some people in richer countries will say when talking about poor countries. They ignore that this destiny has in part been determined by the richer countries too.

A lot of these poor “relatives” have contributed to the riches in the developed countries. Quite often they have not been paid a just price for the minerals companies from the richer countries extract from their soils. Even today, quite some of these companies offer their workers conditions that seem to be more the making of colonial lords than of a modern and fair society.

Proper development aid

The richer countries should no longer support corrupt regimes. It only makes poverty persist. The only way out is to help those countries to strengthen democracy, to run their economies properly, to develop value-oriented education, to set up health-care systems…

The only way out is to pay those countries a fair price for their contribution to the developed world’s welfare. In short, to help to develop those countries into states with a well-balanced socio-economic and political system is the only way out of the refugee or migrant problem and at the same time of the terrorist and rebel problem.

Many devastating wars involving Western forces – and taking up huge resources – could have been prevented, if the developed countries had helped those poor countries to have a well-balanced socio-economic and political system that does not exclude a large part – sometimes even the majority – of the population. Feeling excluded from society leads to violence.

We are all part of the same Humanity. If some people in the rich countries think the present state of world affairs does not affect them in any way, it is a clear indication that Humanity is ill. Not yet terminally, but nearing that condition. Humanity has but one destiny and it involves us all.

It is time for a war on poverty. It is the only war that can help to solve the refugee or migrant problem and to reduce rebellion, conflict and war.

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