Neo-liberalism, poverty and justice

Chile had presidential elections on December 19, 2021. This country hit the headlines a few years ago as social unrest turned into violence for several weeks. Huge crowds protested against the government and the lack of policies to tackle poverty and other social injustices.

The protests finally led to political reforms and a New Constitution. Will the new president end the decades of neo-liberalism that led to huge contrasts between rich and poor?

Letter from Danellandia – World land of Peace

Dear politicians (in Chile and elsewhere),

Chile is very special to us for many reasons. We have made some close friends there several decades ago. They are friends of the heart and friends for life. They have inspired us and continue to do so.

We went to Chile several times and can remember some encounters vividly. We also remember the beauty of its landscapes and the delicious seafood and other dishes and, of course, the pizco sour.

We like Chile very much, but we fear that we don’t like its political system very much. It has given rise to a divided country with great contrasts between rich and poor…

The neo-liberalism that has dominated politics and economics in Chile and in so many other countries has contributed to the huge imbalances that threaten democracy and society as a whole.

But it is our hope that people will want to leave behind neo-liberalism, which is largely based on the babelonic principle of “divide and rule”.

It is more than obvious that this cannot be the motto of the future. It should never have been. Neither in Chile nor anywhere else in this world of division, confusion or, in short, madness. Spending billions on destructive weapons, while so many people are left to live in misery and poverty, cannot be considered normal by anyone with an orderly or truly human mind, heart and soul.

We need “we all win when nobody loses” to be the new “rallying cry” of a global campaign for Peace and Justice.

We no longer want politicians guided by primitive or babelonic principles. We all need paxiticians or the new type of politicians who aim for the “summum bonum” or a good, just and equitable society and world for all and respecting all people and Nature, the Mother of all. Politicians with a global and world vision that sees beyond all borders and walls that hinder Peace or the well being of more and more people in this world.

Good luck and may Danellandia inspire you, your compatriots and many others as well.

Peter, Emma, David, Pablo and the whole ANP team
Ambassadors of Nature and Peace

NATURA PAX – New World Pact



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Danellandia defined 25 human values as the basis for its campaign to make this world a better and more just place in many fields of human activities: politics, economics, the media, personal relationships, education, Nature care…

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