Moonlight in a bottle

One of the few things that are still free of charge nowadays is the moonlight.

The moon reflects the sunlight to brighten up most of our nights. The moon’s gravity generates the tides in our oceans. These are visible signs of the moon’s impact.

Yet, the full role of the moon in all life on Earth is still largely unknown.

True democrat

The moon seems to affect the mood of people as its gravity and the rays it emits stimulate the chemistry of the body and mind. Some people, like artists, are very receptive to its influence. They report high levels of inspiration on full moon days.

The moon shines and emits rays for everyone whatever race, culture or religion. It is a true democrat.

Beneficial rays

The receptiveness to the moon’s beneficial rays depends not on the location on Earth, but on the receiver. Spiritually mature people are the most receptive. Some report lightness of the mind and positive effects on the body.

Judging by the present trends in marketing, which often tries to sell us anything even though it is worth little or nothing, one day we might well be able to buy moonlight in a bottle. Bottles taken to the moon and closed at the height of the full moon and then taken back to Earth to be sold as an exclusive product to make you feel good. The bottle will undoubtedly come in a common, luxury and premium edition. Like so many products these days.

Selling perceptions

Sounds exaggerated? Are they not already selling pieces of land on the moon? Nothing seems to be too absurd an idea or some clever guy or woman makes a business out of it. And nowadays, it is even easier to sell absurd ideas and products through social media.

The moon is not something to be taken lightly. The impact of the moon on the entire Earth is much larger than known today.


The moon shines for everyone and especially for those that shine as caring and sharing personalities. You cannot buy a personality or the moonlight. You have to deserve them.

Invest in humanity and the moon will make you shine from within as a diamond and boost your energy and spirits.

Moonlight, diamond bright.


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