Celebrities and marketing

Celebrities help to market products that are often without much value. Marketing makes people believe that by buying those products, they will – somewhat – look like those celebrities.

Celebrities are marketing all sorts of products. Making people believe they will be or feel like them just by buying those products.

This is reality but not an attribute of a mature civilization.

Deifying celebrities, some of who excel in superficiality, shows a lack of maturity both intellectual and spiritual. What do those celebrities have that we are made to believe we need to have too? Good looks and a fortune (often thanks to that same marketing).

Most of the media play along with this circus that is not much different from the one in Roman times. Evolution in some aspects is very slow indeed. People are still misled by appearances. Happiness is not made up of appearances or money. It is the inner beauty that counts. We all are diamonds we have to make shine from the inside. Get them to shine by cherishing real values like friendship and love. If you do need role models be choosy.

Playing with feelings

When we look at magazines with glamorous pictures of celebrities marketing products, we wonder why people are buying these products. Because in a subtle way marketing is playing with feelings of superiority and inferiority. In our “world of peace and sanity”, still virtual but gradually coming into reality, equality is one of the values we cherish. Our equality means that all human beings are equal regardless of their gender, culture, religion, age, handicap or sexual preference. They all deserve to be respected.

Marketing is an art, some say. We think it is in for a revision. Back to the basics of informing people correctly.

Marketing stunts

Offering a flashy car to the Pope: out of sympathy or a mere marketing stunt? If it is marketing, does the car maker hope that he will be blessed with higher sales figures? We don’t think God drives a car or cares about the car that we drive.

Common sense is what we need. Marketing and with it most of the media are projecting a picture of the world that neglects a lot of values a healthy and caring society needs.

We want to help to bring a different picture. Celebrities will be of a new style in the future. Real celebrities to us are people that contributed towards making this world better and towards educating us to have and respect real values.

We reckon that fashion magazines will follow the trend and be called a different name.


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PRIVACY: your data remain in Danellandia

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