IMF – immature materialistic fiasco

Excessive materialism is bringing our world and Earth to the brink of collapse. 
We need a new kind of leaders and institutions urgently.
Human beings do need material things to organize their lives. But do they really need all that much? Do they really need to buy new things only to buy yet other new things shortly after?

Being someone

Many people think that they can only be someone important when they can show off the latest model of an expensive car or – even better – an exclusive one. Or when they live in a house that is big enough for more than one or more families. Or when they can afford to buy gold and silver in large amounts. Or when they can go to the top restaurants to have an exclusive dinner with tasteless but pricey food. Or when they can stay in luxury sky-high six-star hotels.

Being important is something different altogether. It has nothing to do with materialism. Of course, it takes the right intelligence to understand. Thinking that material things allow you to be important is a sign of immaturity. The addiction to material things or excessive materialism is more of a characteristic of a child that still needs to grow up than of an adult who knows what real life means.


Human maturity is equal to humanity or the respect of human values. Solidarity, charity and fairness are basic values. The more you apply them, the more mature you are. Real life is growing up in terms of humanity. Materialism only helps people to grow up physically. But life is meant to be much more than a physical dimension.

Our entire economy is based on building up an ever larger amount of things material. The downside of it all is that people are blinded to the real life. The downside of it is also that Nature is disrespected and damaged irreparably. The respect for Nature is another basic human value. You need to apply that one as well to reach adulthood in humanity.


Human immaturity blinds people and especially our leaders – political, economic and financial – to the real life and to the real needs of society and the world.

Our society needs to grow up and be an environment that stimulates people to increase their humanity. Now, society largely does the opposite. It makes people into physical semi-automated consuming and producing beings. Now, society largely ignores the humanity dimension.

If things do not change and if leaders and international institutions continue to invest in materialism, it is evident it will take us to a complete fiasco. Nature will not be able to withstand. Without Nature as our partner we will increasingly suffer in the future. People will lose their humanity dimension and their real life.

Materialism or money will eventually destroy us and make Earth into a beautiful planet that was. It is still time to avert disaster. Our leaders need to take urgent and drastic measures with a large degree of humanity. The leading institutions that today stimulate materialism world-wide and destroy humanity should be replaced or thoroughly reformed.


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