How to get rich

Making a profit is fine, but making a fortune by having your products made by underpaid workers in countries with no or hardly any labour or environmental laws is nothing to look up to.
Misleading investors and consumers is not either.

To get rich, you invent a product or copy an existing product, making it look different and better.

You look for a country with little or no labour or environmental legislation.

You have your product made by people (even children) that earn a few cents per hour. These people have no alternative, because otherwise their poverty would even be worse.

You use raw materials or ingredients that are the cheapest, just below the point where the buyer would see they are cheap and of bad quality.

Minimizing costs and maximizing profits… that’s what it is all about.

You hire some celebrities to show off your product and make potential buyers feel they also need to buy it. To look good or to feel important or to stand out from the crowd.

You use all means – also so-called social media / influencers / manipulators – to promote your product and to boost sales.

You convince investors to invest in your company, now quoted on the stock exchange.

They get convinced they will make a nice profit and do not know or are not interested in knowing how the product is made and by who. As long as profit prospects are good, they invest.

Once the value of your company is pumped up sufficiently through rumours and intricate financial theories, you start taking over competing companies to strengthen your market position or near monopoly.

Time now to increase the price of your product and make profits even bigger, still not worrying (too much) about how your product is made and by who and in what circumstances.

To make people think you care, you may start your own charity or make donations to existing and well-known ones. 

Being rich, you enjoy the luxury holidays and other futile things you think you need to be able to show off, without worrying (too much) about how your product is made and by who and in what circumstances.

DNA’s opinion: making a profit is fine, but riches created by exploiting people… simply untenable and ruining civilization!

This story may be a bit exaggerated, but we do feel this kind of practices as accepted and applied in commerce and trade should be made a thing of the past.


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The world of Peace can become a reality!



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