Fair share of the cake

Western observers are sent to many countries world-wide to check whether elections are held fairly and openly.

Why not send observers to less developed countries to check whether the western companies active there give the local communities a fair share of the cake? Or a fair deal?

Are those companies respecting basic labour laws, paying decent salaries to their workers and providing them with safe and healthy working conditions and medical care?

Are they paying fair prices to the local producers of goods or – as in the case of mining or oil – giving a fair share of the profits to the countries concerned?

Are they not just supporting the local ruling classes and not really helping the local communities to develop themselves?

Are those companies respecting the environment as they would have to in their home countries? The environment is Nature and Nature needs and deserves to be respected everywhere. Damaging it in one spot is damaging it as a whole.

Some international companies are operating in less developed countries under different names so as to hide their true identity. It is not difficult to figure out why.
Isn’t it about time that less developed countries are given a fair share of the cake?

Exploiting people

Anyone with a true sense of humanity or a true human being could not eat a cake that could only be made thanks to the exploitation of other human beings. A cake made fairly tastes so much better.

Why does the UN or another international organization not create a body of fair trade observers to put pressure on companies not trading or operating fairly? Why not create it? Because it is against the interests of the rich countries?

It is not. Helping to develop the poor countries and making all companies apply basic labour laws and respect Nature will benefit all countries, also the rich countries.
Besides, countries where the cake is distributed fairly are more likely to have fair elections too.


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