Dear friends – I want to hug you

It’s been a while since we’ve seen each other.
I wanted so much to hug you or kiss you.
To share experiences and ideas.
To do things together, to talk, to laugh…
The lockdown and other measures have taken their toll on spontaneity.
Anxiety and uncertainty have never been far away.

Who is to blame for all this?
The coronavirus – natural or manipulated?
Those who run this world and our lives
are largely to blame.
They haven’t done enough to prevent
the degradation of Nature.
Air, soil and water pollution
have reached unacceptable levels.
Politics and the economy have focused
on creating more wealth without worrying too much
about the health of Nature and, therefore, about our own.
I hope the coronavirus has awakened them.
Hopefully they will do more to reverse the situation.
The restoration of Nature and
the fair treatment of all human beings
are priorities with positive effects
for everyone – rich or poor.
The “normal” was not normal at all.
A lot of things have to change.
It would be absurd and fatally destructive
to let wealth be even more concentrated in
the hands of ever fewer people,
while Nature is being destroyed
and ignoring that we’re all human beings
that deserve a decent life.


Danellandia – Pax 21 was created on 28 March, 2004. It is based on discussions about this world and its many problems with people from different backgrounds, countries, religions and age.

Danellandia defined 25 human values as the basis for its campaign to make this world a better and more just place in many fields of human activities: politics, economics, the media, personal relationships, education, Nature care…

You can help to promote these values by sharing the material on this site.

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This world needs people and leaders who put humanity first and not money or power. People and leaders who unite others rather than create tension, division and conflict.

Strong human values are a passport to a sustainable future.

The world of Peace can become a reality!



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