Beauty is more than just a package

What is beauty? Who decides what is beautiful?
Marketing makes us believe we need to look beautiful the way marketing gurus want us to. They focus on the package or the outer beauty and hardly care about the inner beauty.
Many people feel frustrated because they feel they do not reach the so-called ideal beauty standards imposed by marketing and society.
Focusing a bit more on inner beauty and realizing that marketing has a lot to do with superficialities, can help to reduce that frustration.

Beauty experts

We just saw a butt contest on TV. Women with supposedly perfect butts parading in their underwear before a jury of butt experts. We wonder how you can become such an expert?

It was just another contest with people having an exceptionally “beautiful” body part. Exceptional because most of our women do not have butts that correspond to the experts’ ideal.

It was just another contest about the outer beauty of people. The experts seem to ignore that outer beauty is “a product of Nature and inner beauty a work of art”. Ever more programmes on TV seem to be inspired by butt experts and the like. Some programmes are so obsessed with the beauty of the body, while using the ugliest traits of the human character to steal the show.

It was just another contest about superficiality and triviality. The problem is that quite a lot of women and men lacking the right “proportions” mirror themselves with the ideal and feel frustrated and dissatisfied with what Nature has provided them.

What is “ideal”?

They need not worry and should take comfort in the fact that the overwhelming majority of people do not have the “ideal” butt or any body part for that matter.
Besides, what is “ideal”? Nature provided us with a butt to sit on and a bit of consistency makes sitting more comfortable.

A whole multi-billion industry has been developed to try and make us “ideal”. Or to convince us to try and look “ideal” or to be somebody we are not. Much more money is spent on the outer beauty than on the inner one. Not only our very body but our entire way of living has to fit in with the “ideal” as shown in commercials and on TV. Many are fooled into believing that driving the newest model of the most exclusive car will make them look like real “beauties”.

Durable satisfaction

However, what is the best ingredient to boost your beauty? Being satisfied with your body and with your mind as well. Focusing a bit more on activities to make the inner YOU feel good will show on the outside too.

Helping others, like sponsoring a child in a poor country or showing solidarity in another way, greatly contributes to your inner beauty. You will radiate an energy many “perfect” beauties do not possess.

Beauty is the radiance of the diamond all of us can be through our personality and deeds.

When you think of it, a lot of people are bamboozled by marketing into believing they have to change. Marketing is like a vassal to the money-obsessed capitalism that wants us to consume ever more and new things. It continuously changes the “ideal” looks of the outer beauty so as to make us have to adapt again.

Inner beauty is much simpler to keep up with and offers more stability and durable satisfaction.

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