Basta! Capitalism is too enslaving

Consumers are complaining about rising prices. Some foodstuffs cost ever more. Fuel prices are soaring. Health care becomes more expensive…

Many producers are also complaining. Often they get minimum prices for their products or raw materials. Especially in less developed countries.

Why are prices going up? Why are producers paid little for their produce? Who is behind this unfair economic system?

Many multinationals and large companies have a monopoly or oligopoly and put pressure on producers. In many cases, producers have no other choice but to sell to the monopolies or oligopolies. If they dare to sell through another channel, the monopolies often have enough power to price them out of the market.

Subsistence prices

As an example, in some poorer countries farmers producing wool are dependent upon a few companies for exports. The farmers are paid subsistence prices, while the company managers are paid royal wages.

Many multinationals and large companies that are quoted on the stock exchange, are playing a game. The game of maximum profits and minimum costs. Suppliers should be paid as little as possible. Workers should also be paid as little as possible. If possible, production should be transferred to low-wage countries, where social and environmental legislation is largely inexistent. To this kind of companies, people are faceless. They are statistics.

The exploitation of raw materials is largely controlled by large multinationals, who also dominate the whole sales and marketing.

Producing low-cost and selling high-price allows you to increase profits and to reward shareholders and managers royally.

Add to this system the large speculators who “do it for the money” and the picture is really gloomy.

Powerless politicians

Politicians are standing by powerless. In some countries, the octopus of the economic lobby is suffocating virtually any political resistance. Politics have become a near-puppet whose strings are controlled by economic “decision-makers”.

The sky is the limit

Most shareholders and managers can never be fully satisfied. To them collecting money is their only delight.

Yet, for consumers and many producers it is not so delightful to know that they always get less for their money and that they always have to work harder for it.

This situation is imbalanced and unhealthy. It clearly shows the economic system that is called capitalism is seriously ill and cannot be sustained. Countries that have only recently embraced capitalism already feel that the system is far from ideal and that it destroys a lot of values. It focuses too much and too predominantly on money.

Exploiting the weak

Basta! We have had enough of it! A new balance should be struck. Sky-high profits earned on the backs of nearly defenceless consumers and producers are damaging the essence of our society. Money should not be the only value. Humanity or human dignity should be the priority. Being rewarded for one’s efforts and hard work is logical, but having no limits and not worrying (enough) about fellow human beings and Nature, cannot be part of the game. 

It is simply unacceptable that some grow rich while exploiting others. This is against humanity. It is a form of violence. Of course, most violators can no longer grasp this as their lust for money has damaged their capacity to know what humanity means.

Basta! We have had enough of it! Capitalism has become cannibalism in quite some aspects. It thrives on the misery and poverty of a lot of people. It thrives on the degradation of Nature. Any healthy mind can fully understand and not accept this. It would put more effort into correcting the systems and building a healthy society that benefits all. 


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