Our favourite hotels: diamond hotels

In several cities in the world, new 7-star hotels (yes indeed, already seven) are supposed to take luxury to yet a higher level.

That is: material luxury based on silver, gold and even platinum. Or materialism to the top. But seven is not the top if we judge by the marketing logic of the modern economy. Well “modern”? It is becoming rather old-fashioned.

In the 7-stars, guests are expected to have oversized bank accounts (it does not matter really where the money comes from), to wear the biggest brands in fashion (to look very exclusive) and to daily spend what an average “run-of-the-mill” person (their definition for the “common crowd”) spends in a year.

These 7-stars are not really our favourite. They look too much like casinos or overdecorated tombs of ancient kings.

Diamond hotel

We prefer a diamond hotel. Materially very standard, but staying at it gives a boost to your own self. Diamond does not refer to the stone that so many people still see as the thing to have to be really someone. It does refer to your very self.

Indeed, you are the most important diamond you have. Without it you cannot live. It does not need exclusive brands to shine. The polishing happens from within.

In a diamond hotel, you will be treated like one. You will come and cherish your precious diamond. Its worth cannot be expressed in money, but in intelligence.

Diamond hotels help you to develop that intelligence of a different kind. They make you feel lighter and more aware of the stress factors – material and immaterial – that prevent you from leading a full life and from shining like a diamond. You will learn how to cope with them better.

What would you prefer? Someone asking you: “how much did you spend at the 7-star hotel?” or “what makes you shine so much?”.

Right chemistry

You will come to appreciate that the most important things in life are free of charge: love and friendship. Nothing can buy them, unless they are faked, which reduces or annuls their healing effect. On the outside they may look alright, but they lack the right chemistry to do what they are meant to do: to make you and others feel good.
In a diamond hotel you will rediscover Nature: its smells, colours, sounds…
The cuisine is simply exquisite without being elaborate. It makes you discover the endless variety of tastes and smells of natural ingredients.

We are sure, diamond hotels will become your favourites too. You will come to know what real luxury is.

In fact, the more stars that are added to the hotel ranking, the lower their level because they carry too much weight and ballast in the form of silver, gold, platinum and the like.

Travel light and you will enjoy it more. And remember life is a kind of travel too.

True values are the future, your future!


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