One God – one Love – one Peace

One God 
One Love
One Peace

This story of a mother and her three sons shows us that the love of a mother crosses all borders. She loves her sons equally well, though they are different.

God can be loved in many different ways and by many different types of people as long as the love is honest and sincere. 

One God – one Love – one Peace

I told this story to my friends, 
a simple story, but with great significance…

We are three brothers and the three of us love our mother equally well.

She is always there to comfort us in difficult moments
or to share our joy and happiness…

One day, the three of us decide to show 
her our affection and love 
in a special way and during one week. …

We all three do our best and our mother is 
even more happy than she normally already is…

At the end of the week, one of us wants to know 
who had the most «impact» …

Our mother, without having to think just 
one second, says:
«all three of you… but in a different way».

With religions it is just the same. 
We are all creatures of God – brothers and sisters – 
and we all love our Father.

And to Him it does not matter how we love Him 
as long as we do love Him 
in an honest way and without selfishness…

Why then are there so many wars and 
conflicts between religions, 
between brothers and sisters?
Often causing the death or mutilation of many.

Why do we lose ourselves in details?

Why not make this world a better place,
a world of peace and happiness?

I told this story to my Arab friend, to my Finnish friend, 
to my Jewish friend….

To all my friends and their number is growing.
All around the world.
They all liked it very much.
Some were even driven to tears.

Tell it to your friends too, 
no matter of what colour, race or belief they are. 
Just tell it.

This world will be grateful….
And in the end you too.

Danellandia Peace Partners


Danellandia se creó el 28 de marzo de 2004, después de un grave incidente que drásticamente cambió nuestra vida.

Se basa en discusiones sobre este mundo y sus muchos problemas con personas de diferentes orígenes, países, religiones y edades.

Danellandia definió 25 valores humanos como la base de su campaña para hacer este mundo mejor y más justo en muchos campos de las actividades humanas: política, economía, medios de comunicación, relaciones personales, educación, cuidado de la Naturaleza…

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PRIVACY: your data remain in Danellandia

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