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¡Sí! ¡Puedes ayudar a hacer de este mundo un lugar mejor y más justo para todos!

Impulsa la paz y los valores humanos promoviendo nuestro sitio y enviando nuestros mensajes a todos tus contactos y a los líderes políticos y religiosos, así como a los líderes empresariales.

Promoting values – boosting peace

Danellandia Pax Mundi is a project aimed at promoting peace and human values in virtually any field of human activity and life.

Danellandia was created after a major incident in our lives that made us have what we call a heart conversation. It was like an analysis of the world and of its many problems. And of the possible solutions to these problems.

The ideas seen in the conversation were later discussed with friends in many different parts of the world. We discussed peace as the respect for human values and the impact of the lack of such respect.

Danellandia defined 25 basic human values and promotes them through letters, poems (or sweet diamonds), short films and posters.


Please become a Danellandian or friend of Peace or Peace Partner. We would like to invite you to also listen to your Heart to understand what Danellandia is all about. Take human values as your guideline.

Please help to boost peace and human values by promoting our site and by sending on our messages to all of your contacts and to political and religious leaders, as well as business leaders.

Peace and we will be grateful.


If you want to receive our newsletter, please send us a message using this form.

And remember, we are not perfect people either. We just take human values as our guideline.

Electing the right leaders

Before voting at future elections, judge the candidates by what they stand for from the point of view of human values. We need leaders with a high human value equivalent if we really want to make changes happen in our political and social systems. Maybe candidates can be informed about Danellandia and be asked to subscribe to the Global Peace Charter. This world needs leaders offering guidance and vision and not leaders with misleading ideas leading to tension, division and conflict.

Support in United Nations

If you would like Danellandia to become the inspirator of other countries in the real world, write to the United Nations to support us and our principles. Send the model letter to UN included on our site.

Other help

Any other help is welcome too. Let our site inspire you to become a keen defender of Peace in the broadest sense of the word.

Many thanks and warm regards.

Danellandia Peace Partners


Danellandia se creó el 28 de marzo de 2004, después de un grave incidente que drásticamente cambió nuestra vida.

Se basa en discusiones sobre este mundo y sus muchos problemas con personas de diferentes orígenes, países, religiones y edades.

Danellandia definió 25 valores humanos como la base de su campaña para hacer este mundo mejor y más justo en muchos campos de las actividades humanas: política, economía, medios de comunicación, relaciones personales, educación, cuidado de la Naturaleza…

Puedes ayudarnos a promover estos valores compartiendo el material de este sitio.

Conviértete en un danellandiano o amigo de la Paz promoviendo los valores humanos para impulsar la paz.

Este mundo necesita personas y líderes que pongan a la humanidad en primer lugar y no al dinero ni al poder. Personas y líderes que se unen en lugar de crear tensiones, divisiones y conflictos.

Los valores humanos fuertes son un pasaporte para un futuro sostenible.

¡El mundo de la Paz es posible!


PRIVACY: your data remain in Danellandia


PRIVACY: your data remain in Danellandia

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