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Concerns: Danellandia Peace Initiative

Dear friend,

I would like to ask your attention for the DANELLANDIA PEACE INITIATIVE.

It is a project to boost peace, justice and other human values. World-wide and across all borders of countries, peoples, political and economic systems and religions.

Danellandia is a non-political, multicultural and global organization that aims at bringing a new direction or beacon in this world of confusion. A world that is plagued by so many conflicts and frequent injustice. Very often because those involved are not seeing the real reasons behind these conflicts and injustice. 

Basic human values

Danellandia wants to restate the basic values in life, like freedom, justice, respect, honesty, solidarity, tolerance, equality, charity, peace…

It has analyzed many branches of human activity against the light of these human values. It has found that very often these values are missing or in short supply.

Danellandia has a special message – called paternal message – about the essence of life. But before revealing this message, Danellandia is creating a platform for countries, peoples, cultures and religions to come closer together, to rethink the way of life, the way of doing business, the way of treating people and Nature… To invite them to build bridges and to boost mutual understanding.

Joining hands to solve problems

The lack of respect for basic human values and for the essence of life is generating overwhelming problems, like wars, poverty, violence, degradation of Nature…

Danellandia wants to make people think about themselves and about their relationship with other people and with Nature. Its principles or values will help.

One of its goals is to help reduce and solve problems and to help people to understand the reasons behind problems facing people and Humanity.

To reach its goals, Danellandia is proposing several projects to combat poverty and pollution. To bring more humanity to the socio-economic and political world. To bridge religious differences. To better care for people and for Nature.

Support for Danellandia

I support Danellandia in its initiative and I hope that you will want to do the same. It will be to the benefit of all.

You can read more about it on

If you support the initiative, please visit Danellandia regularly and let it inspire you. Or if you want the UN to support the DANELLANDIA PEACE INITIATIVE, please write a message to the UN. You can use the model letter on the site.

Please also sign the GLOBAL PEACE CHARTER petition.

Together we can build the world of Peace!

Many thanks and best regards,

Your name


Danellandia se creó el 28 de marzo de 2004, después de un grave incidente que drásticamente cambió nuestra vida.

Se basa en discusiones sobre este mundo y sus muchos problemas con personas de diferentes orígenes, países, religiones y edades.

Danellandia definió 25 valores humanos como la base de su campaña para hacer este mundo mejor y más justo en muchos campos de las actividades humanas: política, economía, medios de comunicación, relaciones personales, educación, cuidado de la Naturaleza…

Puedes ayudarnos a promover estos valores compartiendo el material de este sitio.

Conviértete en un danellandiano o amigo de la Paz promoviendo los valores humanos para impulsar la paz.

Este mundo necesita personas y líderes que pongan a la humanidad en primer lugar y no al dinero ni al poder. Personas y líderes que se unen en lugar de crear tensiones, divisiones y conflictos.

Los valores humanos fuertes son un pasaporte para un futuro sostenible.

¡El mundo de la Paz es posible!


PRIVACY: your data remain in Danellandia


PRIVACY: your data remain in Danellandia

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