Wealth and saving the world 

A global bank once advertised wealth as the ability to say to the world to get lost.

No wonder a major bank crisis erupted affecting us all. Time for a humanization of the banks as well.

The financialization of our society can mean letting the world get lost. The humanization means seeing to it that it is saved.

We are entering the danger zone. A large international banking group advertised wealth as the “ability to say to the world to get lost”.  

We at Danellandia could not believe a bank could say this. 

“We want the world to be saved” is part of our driving force.

Onshore and offshore

We contacted a bank operating all around the world to ask for advice. We said we had a considerable amount of capital (we did not mention it was human capital) that was still increasing. We wanted to invest it in sectors that contribute to the repair of Nature. They suggested that we invest in green energy. So far so good, but then they gave us the insurance to keep the capital offshore. We said that we did not want to be offshore in case offshore became too flooded and that we liked it onshore ever more. Then they replied that by offshore they meant all locations of the bank outside the home of the headquarters. Strange, but when you look up “offshore” on the internet you get connected to sites about fiscal paradises and havens.

Or is offshore finally getting another meaning? Will it be like in Danellandia where offshore and onshore apply the same set of values? Where there is a balance between people-mindedness and money-mindedness? And where money is a means and not an aim?


Danellândia foi criado em 28 de março de 2004. Baseia-se em discussões sobre esse mundo e os seus problemas com pessoas de diferentes países, culturas, religiões e idades. 

Danellândia definiu 25 valores humanos como base da sua campanha para fazer esse mundo melhor e mais justo.

Danellândia promove esses valores em muitos campos de atividade humana: a política, a economia, as relações pessoais, os cuidados da Natureza…

Você pode ajudar compartilhando esse site.

Torne-se danellandiano ou amigo da Paz promovendo esses valores e a paz.

Esse mundo precisa de pessoas e de líderes que valorizem mais a humanidade do que o dinheiro e o poder. Pessoas e líderes que unam em vez de dividir e criar tensões e conflitos.

Os valores humanos fortes são o passaporte para um futuro sustentável.

O mundo da Paz é possível!


PRIVACY: your data remain in Danellandia


PRIVACY: your data remain in Danellandia

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