Avoiding taxes

Legal ways to evade/avoid taxes?

Legal may be legal for some people or for some groups of people or in some countries, but totally inconsistent with what should be the “Global Peace Charter”.

If human values are breached on the basis of so-called legally accepted practices that hurt people or Nature, those practices (and rules and laws behind them – often voted after lobbying or even worse) should be phased out/prohibited.

Rules and laws benefiting some at the expense or to the detriment of others should no longer be accepted.

Fiscal paradises

Access to fiscal paradises seems to be easy. Just google and you get to a big selection of options, like the Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, Liechtenstein, UAE… 

Some paradises change, but others take over. Many banks just shift their offices and the “secret money” is transferred swiftly (some banks that received tons of public money to survive financial crises are reputed to be involved).

Fiscal paradises and other tax fraud instruments should become a thing of the past… world-wide.

Is it really that complicated to take measures that would boost fairness and honesty in this world or is the power of those that really rule just too big?


Danellândia foi criado em 28 de março de 2004. Baseia-se em discussões sobre esse mundo e os seus problemas com pessoas de diferentes países, culturas, religiões e idades. 

Danellândia definiu 25 valores humanos como base da sua campanha para fazer esse mundo melhor e mais justo.

Danellândia promove esses valores em muitos campos de atividade humana: a política, a economia, as relações pessoais, os cuidados da Natureza…

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Esse mundo precisa de pessoas e de líderes que valorizem mais a humanidade do que o dinheiro e o poder. Pessoas e líderes que unam em vez de dividir e criar tensões e conflitos.

Os valores humanos fortes são o passaporte para um futuro sustentável.

O mundo da Paz é possível!


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PRIVACY: your data remain in Danellandia

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