Danellandia Nature Alliance

Nature is essential to all of us. We are part of Nature.

Why do so many people, companies and governments still abuse and disrespect Nature so much?

Do they not understand Nature and feel that when she suffers, we all suffer?

Time for a humanization of Humankind’s relationship with Nature.

Time for a partnership based on human values. Respect for Nature is an essential value.

Incredible abuse and disrespect

Nature is greatly abused by many. At a scale that cannot be accepted by anyone having the right attitude towards Nature, our partner we cannot live without.

Nature’s natural balance is being upset by the use of chemicals and by pollution. Visibly and invisibly. If we could see it all, we would often be afraid to breathe the air around us or to drink the water.

DNA wants that balance to be restored, both in Nature and in human beings.

Only natural

It is only natural and logical to respect Nature.

Therefore, Danellandia Nature Alliance – or DNA – wants to stimulate companies to develop products under the motto: “back to Nature – back to the natural”.

It drew up a Fair Deal Charter to promote production processes that are not harming to Nature or people and to stimulate companies to maximally reduce pollution.

It proposes a Global Peace Charter for all countries and their economies, their politics,… and the way they deal with Nature and with people.

It proposes a new economic system, called Naturonomy, to bring the economy in harmony with Nature’s needs.

It proposes to stop the uncontrolled exploitation of oceans in the charter Oceans for All.

As space is also part of Nature, Danellandia proposes the Space Peace Charter to protect space as well.

Please support Danellandia, Nature’s ally.

Some call it the Embassy of Nature or the Greenpeace of Ethics.


Danellândia foi criado em 28 de março de 2004. Baseia-se em discussões sobre esse mundo e os seus problemas com pessoas de diferentes países, culturas, religiões e idades. 

Danellândia definiu 25 valores humanos como base da sua campanha para fazer esse mundo melhor e mais justo.

Danellândia promove esses valores em muitos campos de atividade humana: a política, a economia, as relações pessoais, os cuidados da Natureza…

Você pode ajudar compartilhando esse site.

Torne-se danellandiano ou amigo da Paz promovendo esses valores e a paz.

Esse mundo precisa de pessoas e de líderes que valorizem mais a humanidade do que o dinheiro e o poder. Pessoas e líderes que unam em vez de dividir e criar tensões e conflitos.

Os valores humanos fortes são o passaporte para um futuro sustentável.

O mundo da Paz é possível!


PRIVACY: your data remain in Danellandia


PRIVACY: your data remain in Danellandia

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