Respect for people

People are often misled by companies into buying products they do not need.

Products are often presented as having qualities they in fact do not have.

People need to be protected and abuse has to be prevented. 

The Fair Deal Charter could help to do so. 

Fair Deal Charter – people

We respect our customer and supplier as human beings and partners and will apply the principles of:

  • justice: we treat our customers and suppliers as we would like to be treated ourselves
  • respect: we will not damage their dignity or privacy for the sake of money
  • fairness: we keep a balance between the interests of our customers, our suppliers, our shareholders and ourselves
  • honesty: we do not sell products that have deliberately hidden defects or that can be damaging to the customer (if they may involve a risk of damage we duly inform the customer)
  • liberty: the customer or supplier cannot be forced to buy, sell or use any product against his will
  • consideration: we realize we need to serve our customer and supplier well and we cannot consider them as mere money-generating agents
  • humanity: we put people first and not money
  • truthfulness: we do not say our products have certain advantages or characteristics if it is not true
  • trustworthiness: we comply with the clauses of our warranty or with the promises made in advertisements or other marketing publicity
  • fair trade: we do not exploit our workers, suppliers or people involved in the production of our products
  • guidance: our marketing guides and advises the consumer and does not mislead him
  • solidarity: we assign part of our profits to helping people and/or countries in need.
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Danellândia foi criado em 28 de março de 2004. Baseia-se em discussões sobre esse mundo e os seus problemas com pessoas de diferentes países, culturas, religiões e idades. 

Danellândia definiu 25 valores humanos como base da sua campanha para fazer esse mundo melhor e mais justo.

Danellândia promove esses valores em muitos campos de atividade humana: a política, a economia, as relações pessoais, os cuidados da Natureza…

Você pode ajudar compartilhando esse site.

Torne-se danellandiano ou amigo da Paz promovendo esses valores e a paz.

Esse mundo precisa de pessoas e de líderes que valorizem mais a humanidade do que o dinheiro e o poder. Pessoas e líderes que unam em vez de dividir e criar tensões e conflitos.

Os valores humanos fortes são o passaporte para um futuro sustentável.

O mundo da Paz é possível!


PRIVACY: your data remain in Danellandia


PRIVACY: your data remain in Danellandia

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