Pax Mundi Danellandia

Mahaivi - manual of peace

Born in Danellandia

We often felt we were born in a different world. The world of Peace. We became fully aware of it, when the world we are living in now made us ill and nearly took our lives.

We lost most of our memory and it took years to recover it bit by bit. It was like filtered through the eyes of Peace.

It was clear that life is much more than meets the eye. Much more than science and religion have tried to explain in words, facts or ideas.

As we were recovering, we decided to do all that we can to promote Peace and to bring the world of Peace or Danellandia into the world as we know it and which excludes or maltreats so many people and hurts Nature.

Penetrating analysis

Danellandia makes a penetrating analysis of life and of society comparing it with the world of Peace.

The lack of respect for human values is the main reason behind the many problems facing this world.


We created the symbol of the world of Peace. The symbol of Mahaivi expresses the harmony between Nature and Man, while peace and love and other human values are centre-stage.

Danellandia tries to strengthen that harmony and the respect for human values at the personal, local and international levels. Virtually all aspects of life are dealt with: politics, economics, education, religion, the media, society...

Danellandia is like a manual of peace

Please visit Danellandia regularly and let it inspire you. Talk about it with friends... and contribute - in whatever way - towards a better and peaceful world.

Who knows, Danellandia or the world of Peace may one day become reality and everyone will want to be a Danellandian.

Use the manual of peace frequently and become a friend of peace without frontiers…

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Many thanks and warm regards,

Pedro and Peace partners