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Growing down
Life should be growing up to become a human being excelling at human values like honesty, integrity, respect for people and for Nature… When looking at some politicians, they seem to be growing down. Growing in the wrong direction.
We are all part of the same Humanity. We all live on the same unique planet. We all depend on the same Nature for our survival. Yet, innumerous divisions on political, economic, racial and religious grounds have made this planet into a theatre of conflict and war. Less divisions and more dialogue and cooperation would be a way to save huge amounts of human and material resources that could be used to make life better and more just for all.
Politicians often differ so much so as to cause tensions, conflicts and even violence in society. If they focused more on human values instead of on finance and power, society would be more balanced. In the end, everyone would fundamentally be better off.
Developed world
Who defined developed? Developed should not only refer to the economy and material wealth. Developed should also mean having a well-developed moral attitude that makes you want to truly help the “not so developed world” to build societies that work for all its people. That would help to solve poverty and the despair of the millions of migrants and refugees.
Innocent but suffering
We are innocent children. We did not want to have to leave our home. We did not want to have to suffer and be sad. We are little human beings. We want to be treated as human beings. Please help us to have a future. A future where we will be safe, respected and happy.
Selfishness and God
Many leaders invoke the help of God. Yet, most of them hurt Him badly. Their mission should be peace not war. Promoting the use of weapons, refusing dialogue, creating conflict, playing with the lives of innocent people, damaging Nature deliberately… Definitely the wrong way to peace! Definitely the wrong way to please God!


Letter to all politicians

Letter to all politicians

Our society is losing more and more of its humanity or truly human content. Everything is done for the “insensitive” money, that is gradually taking control of everything. Everything is judged in terms of its monetary value. This is dehumanizing our society and its people. This trend must be reverted.
Dear friends - I want to hug you

Dear friends – I want to hug you

It’s been a while since we’ve seen each other. I wanted so much to hug you or kiss you. To share experiences and ideas. To do things together, to talk, to laugh… The lockdown and other measures take their toll on spontaneity. Anxiety and uncertainty are never far away.
Fair share of the cake

Fair share of the cake

Western observers are sent to many countries world-wide to check whether elections are held fairly and openly. Why not send observers to less developed countries to check whether the western companies active there give the local communities a fair share of the cake? Or a fair deal?


Am I normal?

Am I normal?
I cannot understand why so many people hurt each other or ruin each others’ lives. I cannot understand why so many politicians keep on nagging about an economic system that maintains sharp contrasts between rich and poor. I cannot understand that some people commit violence because they believe in a particular version of God and not in another.

Becoming too cold

Becoming too cold
Human warmth is powerful. Human warmth is love. This world is often too cold. Human warmth can make it change. There is so much indifference now. Indifference to the suffering of Nature. Indifference to the suffering of others. Others that did not choose to be poor.

Should I feel ashamed?

Should I feel ashamed?
Should I feel ashamed? Should I feel ashamed because I am poor? Because I was born in a poor family? Because I live in a poor country? Why does poverty exist? I often wonder why it is not solved. When I go to the internet café and can see the world where so many people live in luxury and abundance…
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PRIVACY: your data remain in Danellandia

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