Campaign for values

More respect for human values will mean more humanity.

Humanity leads to peace and to a better and more just world.

The present world has become over-materialistic. Everyone and everything is valued in terms of money.

Hardly anything is done anymore if it does not lead to high profits. The lust for money is taking away humanity or respect for people and Nature from our society. Economics has come to dominate politics completely.

Money is dominating our lives. It is gradually making our lives impossible to be lived. Some people do just anything to acquire as much money as possible in the shortest possible time. Some even hurt or kill people for it. Or sell products that damage or even kill other people.

The damage inflicted to Nature as a result of excessive materialism and the craving for money is threatening our very planet.

How has it come to this saddening situation?

Many people just do not know what life is all about. It is more than gathering material things. We grow up to become adults, but we need to grow up as human beings too. Human means having a high degree of humanity or respect for human values.

United in and for peace

The campaign launched on 7 July 2007 by Danellandia. It is based on its “sweet diamonds” or short thoughts about life, peace, love and Nature. During several years, a new diamond was published each week inviting people to think about themselves, life and Nature.

Danellandia is sending out the diamonds to contacts all around the world. To leaders in politics, the economy and religion and to organizations and the public in general.

The final aim of the sweet diamonds and the campaign is to make people everywhere more aware of human values and to invite them to respect them more. When human values are respected, peace will result.

More respect for human values will mean more humanity. Humanity leads to peace and to a better and more just world.

The sweet diamonds are not linked to any political orientation, culture or religion. They are truly universal.

Danellandia was founded after a profound analysis of this world.

Please join in this campaign and spread the Danellandia messages.

Thank you!

Danellandia Peace Partners

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Danellandia fut créé le 28 mars de 2004. Il est basé sur des discussions avec des gens de différents pays, cultures, religions et âges.

Danellandia a défini 25 valeurs humaines comme base de sa campagne pour rendre ce monde plus juste et meilleur dans beaucoup de domaines: la politique, l’économie, les médias, les relations personnelles, l’enseignement, la protection de la Nature…

Toi aussi, tu peux nous aider à promouvoir ces valeurs en partageant le matériel sur notre site.

Deviens un danellandien ou ami de la Paix en promouvant les valeurs humaines pour renforcer la paix.

Ce monde a besoin de gens et de leaders qui priorisent les valeurs humaines au lieu du pouvoir et de l’argent. Des gens et des leaders qui s’unissent au lieu de créer des tensions, des divisions et des conflits.

Des valeurs humaines fortes sont un passeport vers un avenir soutenable.

Le monde de la Paix est bien possible!


CONFIDENTIALITÉ: vos données restent à Danellandia


CONFIDENTIALITÉ: vos données restent à Danellandia

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