Letter to God

Why is there so much violence in this world?

Why do so many people suffer?

Cannot God put a stop to all that violence and suffering?

Dear God,

I have been thinking a lot about peace and violence.
About love and hate in this world… for quite some time.
As a child, I was taught you were a good God.

I think you are, but in a way we cannot understand.

I hope you will forgive me that I ask some questions.

I have been praying or sort of talking to you about this world and its many problems.
Let me start by saying that there are many things that I like and even adore: friendship, love, Nature’s beauty…

These last few years, I have written many messages about peace, love, friendship, Nature care, human values… and already many thousands of people around the world receive and read them.

The more I think about this world, the more questions I have as to why so much violence and hate exist in this world.

Is there a reason why people continue to mess up the paradise that this planet was meant to be?
I do feel that you exist and sometimes strongly. 
I am grateful that I can experience new things.
I am grateful for the new vision I have now.

I have been asking you to put an end to all suffering.
But maybe there is a reason for all of it.
I have wondered about it so often.
But I still cannot figure it out.

If Humanity is to be blamed, why do innocent people and even young children have to suffer?

My feeling is it is not fair, if I am allowed to say so.

When I see all that suffering, I myself suffer too.
I feel frustrated many times and I wish that I could do much more to make people
that commit violence see they are hurting themselves.

How can I do it?
What do I need to do?

I want you to give me inspiration to write good messages.
I want you to help me to inspire many, many people.
But most of all, I want you to put an end to all suffering.
If it is not possible yet, please send me words of inspiration.

My feeling is that this world needs to change rapidly.
It has become so focused on material things that many people forget to live their lives.
Many of them are being lived in the pursuit of money.
Many commit violence to obtain ever more money.

Could we not try and make people appreciate true values more?
I will try and continue to write messages that inspire.
But maybe, you could inspire them in a different way.

Oh God, please let people change this world for the better.

Sorry again for being rather direct.
But I feel that you can understand me.

Peace and love be to all!



Danellandia fut crée le 28 mars de 2004. Il est basé sur des discussions avec des gens de différents pays, cultures, religions et âges.

Danellandia a défini 25 valeurs humaines comme base de sa campagne pour rendre ce monde plus juste et meilleur dans beaucoup de domaines: la politique, l’économie, les médias, les relations personnelles, l’enseignement, la protection de la Nature…

Toi aussi, tu peux nous aider à promouvoir ces valeurs en partageant le matériel sur notre site.

Deviens un danellandien ou ami de la Paix en promouvant les valeurs humaines pour renforcer la paix.

Ce monde a besoin de gens et de leaders qui priorisent les valeurs humaines au lieu du pouvoir et de l’argent. Des gens et des leaders qui s’unissent au lieu de créer des tensions, des divisions et des conflits.

Des valeurs humaines fortes sont un passeport vers un avenir soutenable.

Le monde de la Paix est bien possible!


CONFIDENTIALITÉ: vos données restent à Danellandia


CONFIDENTIALITÉ: vos données restent à Danellandia

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