Violence and innocence

We feel miserable when seeing all the misery
and injustice in so many parts of the world.

We feel sad when seeing so many innocent people
becoming victims of violence and injustice.

We feel sad when thinking about all the reasons
lying at the basis of that misery and injustice.

We feel frustrated when seeing that so little is done
to alleviate that misery and injustice.
We feel scared and worried when we think of
our friends and families becoming victims of violence.
Why do so many people use so much violence?

Fortunately, not everything is madness in this world.

We are glad to have caring families,
where happiness and sadness are shared
in an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding.
We are satisfied with the friendship
our friends continue to share with us
in an atmosphere of trust and helpfulness.
We are delighted to see that many people
try to bring peace in their corner of the world.
Why cannot more people try to do this?

Violence is destructive madness and sadness.
Peace is constructive intelligence and happiness.

Why is so much happiness being destroyed?
Why do innocent people become victims
of violence they do not want or cause?
Why cannot those that use violence,
physical as well as psychological,
not bring out more of their inner love and peace?
Why do some people try to dominate others
because of political and economic convictions,
religious or ideological opinions, race and culture?

Respect and really understanding that Peace
is the foundation of a civilized society,
can create an atmosphere of trust, dialogue,
solidarity, friendship and love.
Understanding what Peace is, shows you
what political and economic convictions,
religious or ideological opinions, race and culture
really mean and it makes you feel an urge
to help to build a better world.
In a peaceful way and without any violence.
A world we can all be proud of.


Danellandia fut créé le 28 mars de 2004. Il est basé sur des discussions avec des gens de différents pays, cultures, religions et âges.

Danellandia a défini 25 valeurs humaines comme base de sa campagne pour rendre ce monde plus juste et meilleur dans beaucoup de domaines: la politique, l’économie, les médias, les relations personnelles, l’enseignement, la protection de la Nature…

Toi aussi, tu peux nous aider à promouvoir ces valeurs en partageant le matériel sur notre site.

Deviens un danellandien ou ami de la Paix en promouvant les valeurs humaines pour renforcer la paix.

Ce monde a besoin de gens et de leaders qui priorisent les valeurs humaines au lieu du pouvoir et de l’argent. Des gens et des leaders qui s’unissent au lieu de créer des tensions, des divisions et des conflits.

Des valeurs humaines fortes sont un passeport vers un avenir soutenable.

Le monde de la Paix est bien possible!


CONFIDENTIALITÉ: vos données restent à Danellandia


CONFIDENTIALITÉ: vos données restent à Danellandia

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