Letter from Ali in Iraq

Ali would like to play in the street as most kids do in other countries.

He wonders why the war goes on and on. 

Is it because of religion? Is it because people do not understand what God is.

I want a normal life

Hello. I’m Ali.

I’m nine years old.
I live in Baghdad.
I live with my parents in a grey and old apartment.

My dad is a policeman.
But I may not tell it to anyone.
He might be killed just because of that.

My mother is a teacher.
But she is at home now taking care of my little sister.
My sister is only two years old.

I like to play in the street with the boys of the neighbourhood.
But my parents are worried that something bad might happen.
So, I stay in the small apartment.

I do not understand anything about war.
My parents explained the fighting was between different religious groups.
And also against the Americans.

Why does this war go on?
Why cannot we have a normal life?
Why cannot we play in the street?

Why do people go on killing each other?
Different groups of the same religion?
Is God not the same for all?
Religion teaches us to be good.
Why cannot all people be good?
Or maybe they do not know really what God is?

I hope that one day soon they will.
So we can live in peace.
And play in the street without having to worry about being killed.

Iraq, May 2008.

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