World crisis

Crises like the financial ones that hit the world in the last decade, are largely linked to the way the political and economic system allows some groups to dominate others.

Too often, excesses make people forget there are limits to everything.  Especially when respect for people and Nature is subjugated to economic and financial power.

Rich and poor

An African friend of ours, who lives in a poor country, wrote to us and said:

“I really want to be rich and when I am rich, I want to help the poor people and the disabled”.

We congratulated him on this noble attitude.

Some years ago, we were in South America. We discussed poverty with a rich businessman.

He did not seem to care about the poor. He even said:
“If I give my money to the poor, the poor will not be rich, but I will be poor too.”

Solidarity was not in his vocabulary. He was never on our list of friends.

Solidarity does not mean the rich have to become poor. They will have a little less material riches. But they will have much more humanity. Riches that last much longer.

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Needing Peace

Anyone needs peace in his life, just as he needs love and friendship.

Peace implies the respect for human values, like honesty, justice and fairness.

Please visit Danellandia regularly and let it inspire you to find ways to build and strengthen peace in your life and in this world.

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