What Earth needs

The lack of solidarity has caused so many problems. The contrast between rich and poor is still increasing.

Space exploration should be a common endeavour of all of Humanity and the proceeds should not be used to – once again – benefit some and leave so many others without even the basic necessities.

Most problems in the world are related to money: poverty, Nature degradation, lack of true values, war, conflicts, crime… Other problems often relate to disagreements about different political, economic, ideological and religious beliefs.

All these factors – together with natural disasters and phenomena in Nature that are often influenced by Humanity’s activities as well – make life on Earth ever more difficult and unsustainable.

A major element that has been lacking throughout history is solidarity: with people and with Nature.

It is maybe Humanity’s nature to want ever more for itself even when – in the end – more means less for him as well, as resources become depleted, Nature degraded, safety greatly reduced…

New mentality

What Earth needs is a new mentality of its people. There is a limit to growth. The focus on material riches should be reduced and replaced by more attention to real values in life.

Virtually any economist realizes that materialism does not always mean more happiness and that training people to buy and consume ever more cannot be the solution to all problems. Yet, little is done to build up true happiness by stimulating the appreciation and application of human values in all fields.

Humanity, or at least a large part of it, is missing out on true happiness because it focuses so much on material riches. Some even go as far as to kill and hurt others to acquire riches.  

Earth needs a new mentality for a better world based on the respect of human values with solidarity being high on the lijst.

Earth needs a new kind of leaders. Leaders with a universal spirit that think in terms of the world and not so much as being part of a political party, an economic system, a religious ideology… Leaders that think long-term about the well-being of people across the globe. Leaders that realize that much more solidarity is needed to build a world with a sustainable future.

The new mentality and the new leadership should have human values as their guideline for all activities. Human values are the basis for peace and peace is the basis for a healthy future!

Solidarity should be top of the lijst. Growth should be in quality and not in quantity.

Space exploration should be a joint action of all nations in a peaceful campaign of solidarity to help Earth and all its people.


Danellandia werd opgericht op 28 maart 2004 na een ernstig incident dat ons leven drastisch heeft veranderd.

Danellandia is gebaseerd op discussies over deze wereld en zijn talrijke problemen met mensen van verschillende achtergronden, landen, religies en leeftijden.

Danellandia selecteerde en definieerde 25 menselijke waarden als de basis voor zijn campagne om van deze wereld een betere en eerlijkere thuis te maken. Dit in tal van menselijke domeinen: politiek, economie, de media, persoonlijke relaties, onderwijs, natuurzorg…


Je kan deze menselijke waarden promoten door de artikels op onze site te delen met anderen.

Je kan ook Danellandiaan worden of vriend van de Vrede door menselijke waarden te promoten.

Deze wereld heeft mensen en leiders nodig die menselijkheid op de eerste plaats zetten en niet het geld of de macht. Mensen en leiders die anderen verenigen in plaats van spanningen, verdeeldheid en conflicten te veroorzaken.

Sterke menselijke waarden zijn een paspoort naar een duurzame toekomst.

De wereld van de Vrede kan werkelijkheid worden!


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PRIVACY: je gegevens blijven in Danellandia

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