Nature’s view on Climate Deal

So much talk and endless debates about a Climate Deal, while still way too little is being done.

Also, too little attention is paid to the needs of Nature herself.

Here she tries to explain what she thinks of the deal and why a true deal based on a partnership Nature-Humanity has not come about.

The Climate Deal is as I had expected.
Yes, seeing you debating as you did made me expect it from the very start.

Why was a true Climate Deal not possible?
Because too much weight is put on growth even if it means continuing to pollute me.
Is it really necessary to increase material riches while jeopardizing myself and all people?
Is there no other way to bring well-being?

To combat poverty and other problems, do you really need to generate money in ways that are damaging me and yourself?
Can you not invent a different kind of politics?
Can you not invent a different kind of economics?
Do you really have to uphold so many differences?
Differences that stand in the way of a true deal?
Is there no-one down there who has the authority to make others see the real dimension and to make them see things from the right perspective?

The right perspective is starting from a partnership between me and all members of Humanity.
The right perspective is building your economy on solidarity among people and with me.
Money should not take control of us.
Money should only be a means at most.

Why do you not create a new currency for a new type of economy with a new type of politics?
You are all on the same planet.
And there is no similar one you can migrate to.
Restoring health to your planet is restoring health to yourself.

You all have a common denominator: humanity or the energy of caring love.
Invest in bringing it to the open as much as you can.
Invest in solidarity across the globe.
Invest in solidarity with me.
Invest in a sustainable truly green future.

Nature Alliance
the Embassy of Nature


Danellandia werd opgericht op 28 maart 2004 na een ernstig incident dat ons leven drastisch heeft veranderd.

Danellandia is gebaseerd op discussies over deze wereld en zijn talrijke problemen met mensen van verschillende achtergronden, landen, religies en leeftijden.

Danellandia selecteerde en definieerde 25 menselijke waarden als de basis voor zijn campagne om van deze wereld een betere en eerlijkere thuis te maken. Dit in tal van menselijke domeinen: politiek, economie, de media, persoonlijke relaties, onderwijs, natuurzorg…


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