Alliantie voor de Vrede

Alliantie voor de Vrede

Danellandia of Alliantie voor de Vrede is een globaal en wereldwijd project voor de Vrede. Het is een campagne gebaseerd op de promotie van menselijke waarden.

We definiëren de Vrede als het respect voor menselijke waarden.

Sterkere menselijke waarden zullen voor een betere wereld zorgen.

Doe mee aan onze campagne door onze berichten en het materiaal op onze site te verspreiden.

The vast majority of people around the world – whatever their country, race, religion and  social or political system – want peace. For themselves, their families, their friends and the world as a whole. 

Global project

Danellandia was launched in 2004 as an imaginary land of Peace or the land with strong human values. But after extensive and enriching discussions online with people from dozens of countries, we decided to make Danellandia a global project aimed at creating the world of Peace. A world where real values count much more than the superficial and often empty values dominating and often ruining the present world. And making so many people feel unhappy or out of touch.

A world of respect for people and for Nature

In Danellandia you will find hints, ideas and projects to really make this world better and more just. Not just the part of the world you live in, but the world as a whole.

We want the world to be a place we can all call home. A home where people are respected and where Nature is treated as our partner. A home we and future generations can be proud of. A world the overwhelming majority of people have always wanted to see, feel and love. A world that will be sustainable. The innumerable divisions between our present leaders (too much guided by party politics) stand in the way of sustainability. Real values can boost unity.

Bond that unites

Danellandia has been inspired and guided by Peace or humanity (human values). 

Peace is a bond that unites all people as part of one and the same Humanity. A pity quite a lot of humans, as well as many human developments and activities, have neglected this bond, concentrating themselves on money and power. That way, many problems have been caused, that would not exist or be less severe if that bond were strong. We want to make that bond strong again.

So, please become a Danellandian too or Partner of Peace. Take human values as a beacon. Let yourself be inspired by what you read and see in Danellandia and join our campaign to combat violence and injustice and to boost peace and justice.  If you want, you can register here as a Danellandian.


The world of peace, love and happiness. It exists in the mind of everyone. Everyone can help to make Danellandia or the world of real values or Peace come into the real world by keenly promoting peace and human values. Danellandia wants to help to make it come true.


Already as adolescents we felt as if we had been born in a different world. We could not understand or accept all the injustice done to people and to Nature. It all seemed so unfit of humans. As we grew up, we started analyzing the world and we increasingly felt our world or the world we wanted was indeed different. After a major incident in our lives – that took years to recover from, we started a more penetrating analysis and we launched a global peace initiative. We called it Danellandia or the world of real values or Peace.

The principles or basic legislation found in Danellandia can be of use to all countries and all peoples. We have discussed these principles and several projects with people from around the world (from China to Argentina and from New Zealand to Canada).

We felt we had a lot in common, even though we lived in different countries, belonged to a different race and had different or no religion. We have grown into a community of friendship. 

We are promoting peace and the respect for human values. We publish articles, poems, short films and posters about many aspects of life.

We also promote the respect for Nature as a partner of Humanity.

By taking part in our “campaign for peace and human values” to turn this world of madness and confusion into the world of Peace. 

How many people around the world feel confused, lost or abandoned? Despite so many promises by our leaders, nothing is changing really. History repeats itself over and over again. Lessons from the past are still too often ignored. Let us try and bring real change.

Just read the information on this site. Let it inspire you and talk about it with friends and other contacts.  Share it. Try to look at this world through the eyes of real values or Peace and try to apply the principles of Danellandia as much as you can.

If you want, register as a Danellandia or Peace Partner.

The present world is a mess largely because a lot of people feel confused and because the whole economic, social and political system puts too much pressure on people, very often expecting people to behave in a way not fit of a truly human society. There is so much abuse. In so many fields. Let  us try and make our leaders change or let us choose other leaders. Leaders with strong human values as their priority and not yet more power, more money and more glamour.

Our aim is to also put up the infrastructure for the global village on the net in the future. Not like most social media that collect a great many data about their users for commercial purposes (yet again!).

Taking part in the campaign will give you a feeling rarely experienced. It will make you see things differently. It might take a while before you feel the change, but do take part. You can make a difference. Yes, you can!

We are ordinary people that care for each other and for other people as well as for Nature and the world. Danellandia works through a global network of friends.

Danellandia was created because we became ill as a result of the way our present-day society is organized and works. We almost lost our lives. It made us think about it all.

Also because we strongly feel that many projects like programming humans with chips to make them perfect soldiers are beyond the limit. Such projects are too destructive and  deeply disrespect basic human values.

Artificial intelligence could take Humanity to a higher level if human values are respected always. Otherwise it is open to widespread abuse. Threatening to cause even more victims than the present world already does.

Let us take real values or Peace as our guideline to create a better and more just world!


Danellandia werd opgericht op 28 maart 2004 na een ernstig incident dat ons leven drastisch heeft veranderd.

Danellandia is gebaseerd op discussies over deze wereld en zijn talrijke problemen met mensen van verschillende achtergronden, landen, religies en leeftijden.

Danellandia selecteerde en definieerde 25 menselijke waarden als de basis voor zijn campagne om van deze wereld een betere en eerlijkere thuis te maken. Dit in tal van menselijke domeinen: politiek, economie, de media, persoonlijke relaties, onderwijs, natuurzorg…


Je kan deze menselijke waarden promoten door de artikels op onze site te delen met anderen.

Je kan ook Danellandiaan worden of vriend van de Vrede door menselijke waarden te promoten.

Deze wereld heeft mensen en leiders nodig die menselijkheid op de eerste plaats zetten en niet het geld of de macht. Mensen en leiders die anderen verenigen in plaats van spanningen, verdeeldheid en conflicten te veroorzaken.

Sterke menselijke waarden zijn een paspoort naar een duurzame toekomst.

De wereld van de Vrede kan werkelijkheid worden!


Teken in op onze Newsletter, zodat je op de hoogte blijft van de laatste ontwikkelingen in Danellandia.

Hartelijk dank voor om het even welke bijdrage die je levert om deze gekke wereld beter te maken.


PRIVACY: je gegevens blijven in Danellandia


PRIVACY: je gegevens blijven in Danellandia

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