Respect for Nature

Nature’s impact on us is huge.

We cannot do without Nature. Yet, Nature is too often maltreated and abused, which also has an impact on people.

Nature needs to be protected and deliberate pollution has to be prevented.

The Fair Deal Charter could help to do so.

Fair Deal Charter – Nature

We respect Nature as a partner and will apply the principles of:

  • justice: we do not damage Nature unnecessarily and we maximally reduce or phase out the pollution caused
  • respect for Nature: we do not harm Nature just for the sake of money
  • Nature-mindedness: we use as many natural products and ingredients as possible that are not damaging to Nature and we will reduce or phase out any process or products that harm Nature
  • health: we agree that the health of Nature means the health of people and we therefore promote production processes that do not harm Nature or people
  • sustainability: we invest in renewable raw materials and/or in renewable energy
  • partnership: we consider Nature to be a partner and we realize we need her for a sustainable and healthy future
  • Nature care: we assign part of our profits to projects in Nature care.


Danellandia was created on 28 March, 2004. It is based on discussions about this world and its many problems with people from different backgrounds, countries, religions and ages.

Danellandia defined 25 human values as the basis for its campaign to make this world a better and more just place in many fields of human activities: politics, economics, the media, personal relationships, education, Nature care…

You can help to promote these values by sharing the material on this site.

Become a Danellandian of friend of Peace by promoting human values to  boost peace.

This world needs people and leaders that put humanity first and not money or power. People and leaders that unite instead of creating tensions, divisions and conflicts.

Strong human values are a passport to a sustainable future.

The world of Peace is possible! 


PRIVACY: your data remain in Danellandia


PRIVACY: your data remain in Danellandia

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