Letter from Patricio – adopted when 6

Patricio was adopted when he was 6 years old.

He was left at a foster home as a young child.

A few years ago he visited his native country and felt sad because nothing much had changed to help children in need.

He suggests the government kind of adopt all children of his native country and really offers them a better future.

To the politicians of my native country

Hello, I am Patricio.

I’m 30 years old now.

I was adopted by a young couple when I was 6.

They have been taken care of me very well.

After I arrived at my new home, I learned the new language.

After some months I could go to the local school.

I don’t remember having had many problems to adapt to my new family.

I could study as long as I wanted.

I got a degree in languages at a higher education college.

I now have a good job that gives me a lot of satisfaction.

I have a nice girlfriend and quite some other friends too.

I like sports and travelling.

I have been given a lot of opportunities.

As I was 6, I still remember the foster family I was with after my mother left me with them as a baby.

I have been very lucky to have been adopted by caring parents.

I wonder what would have become of me if I had not been adopted.

Some years ago, we went to visit the country I was born in.

I still feel attached to it as well.

When I saw that still today, there is so much poverty and injustice in my native country, I feel sad.

When I see the gap between rich and poor still being so deep, I feel sad.

When I listen to the politicians in power there now, I feel not much really is being done to change the injustice and to help people – all people.

I was adopted and I am grateful.

The government in my native country should kind of adopt all the children there, especially those in need, and give them the opportunity to live a decent life, to study, to develop their talents, to be taken care of when they are ill…

Among other things, it should see to it the economy benefits all the people and not just a few or foreign companies disproportionately…

That way my native country would be more stable, less violent and more enjoyable by all – rich or poor.

Many thanks and best regards,


(name changed – story based on real facts)


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