Letters from abroad

Letters from children from different countries in the world.

Through these letters we can learn about what it is like to live and grow up in a country at war or in a country that is poor. About what they feel and what they wish for the future.

The letters are based on true stories. The characters are fictitious.

Ahmed in Iraq

Ahmed in Iraq

Ahmed grew up in a country at war for so many years.  He wonders why there is a war. Is it for religious, political or economic reasons? He would like to live in a country where the religion is synonymous with peace, politics with humanity and economics with solidarity.
Ali in Iraq

Ali in Iraq

Ali would like to play in the street as most kids do in other countries. He wonders why the war goes on and on. Is it because of religion? Is it because people do not understand what God is?
Carlos in Bolivia

Carlos in Bolivia

Carlos is an indígena or descendant from the Indians. Indígenas have often been treated as second-class citizens. He reflects on history and on the close relationship with Pachamama or Mother Earth.


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