All together
With mutual respect and common efforts we will beat the coronavirus, overcome other disasters and reach the World of Peace for all and Natura Mater. Thank you for your support! Friends of Peace
Wave of Peace
Scale increase: a powerful means for multinationals to rule the waves. Scale increase: a bitter pill for millions of small defenceless farmers, and suppliers and for consumers as well. Scale increase: more power, more exploitation and deceit. Time for a tsunami of solidarity and humanity across all fields everywhere!
Be the builder
of the New World of Peace and Justice – for all and for Nature. SHARE Pax 21 and its posts on all social media. CREATE your own posts inspired by Pax 21 and inspiring others. SEND the letters on Pax 21 or your own to all leaders, media… JUDGE conflicts and issues using the Pax 21 Circle of Peace. WISH for Peace and express how you want the world to be. HOP or build your House of Peace or Pax 21 – online or offline. ORGANIZE an event with friends – locally or on the Net. Finally, a world we all wanted and we now demand – globally!
A world in disarray. Bad news every day. Why so much violence? Why so much conflict? Not to mention Corona. There is a need for light. Light to see clearly. To see that we have to think and live differently. Respect for Nature and respect for all people are the ingredients the world needs. Everywhere and always.
Politics - paxitics
Politics leads to division and struggle for power. Politics is the system of the Old World of abuse, inequality, exploitation and slavery. Paxitics leads to understanding and cooperation. Paxitics is the system of the New World of Peace, justice, respect for people and for Nature, solidarity, fairness and other values. Politics is based on babelonic lies. Paxitics is based on the Truth or Lex Mater.
Born friends - made enemies
All babies are born friends. They do not care about money, race, religion or the colour of their skin. They want to live in peace. Why do politics, economics and religions make many of them into enemies of one another? Why do they make such a mess of it all? Because they lack human values or peace!

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Release me

Release me
So many people all around the world keep me locked up in the cage of their minds. I want to be released and step out in the open. I want to be released and travel around. My name is Peace.

Am I normal?

Am I normal?
I cannot understand why so many people hurt each other or ruin each others’ lives. I cannot understand why so many politicians keep on nagging about an economic system that maintains sharp contrasts between rich and poor. I cannot understand that some people commit violence because they believe in a particular version of God and not in another.

Becoming too cold

Becoming too cold
Human warmth is powerful. Human warmth is love. This world is often too cold. Human warmth can make it change. There is so much indifference now. Indifference to the suffering of Nature. Indifference to the suffering of others. Others that did not choose to be poor.


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