Nothing is perfect
It may not be perfect, but it can still offer us a lot of good things. Let the imperfections not prevent you from seeing and appreciating these good things.
Great again
Many leaders and other people pray to God as the invisible but omnipresent power directing our world. Yet many ignore, mistreat and abuse Nature, both omnipresent and visible though. Earth and Nature are part of something much bigger, but it takes the right intelligence to understand and feel what it is all about. That something needs the right kind of leaders to make it great again and to save us all.
Dancing in Davos
Businessmen, financiers and politicians are dancing to an old tune played by mega-companies: only capitalism can save us. Time for a new tune old and new generations will be able to enjoy: goodbye inveterate capitalism, welcome sanity and fairness, welcome summonism.
Men don't cry
Baby boys cry as much as baby girls. But soon boys are taught to be tough. They are taught not to cry. Is society thus not promoting pent-up feelings, frustration, psychological problems and violence? It is time to allow men to cry. It is time to change rough and tough into behaviour that is positive and peace-loving.


Letter to WEF at Davos

Letter to WEF at Davos
Every year, Davos in Swizerland is the place to be for world leaders from many countries. The meetings held there mainly relate to the “state of the world”. But nothing really changes because the main starting point is how to keep capitalism working for part of the world’s population. If we want to really change this world and make every person be treated as a human being in whatever country, capitalism needs to be reformed or replaced. The focus now is on money and finances. Politics and economics should be based on the respect for human values. The respect for people and the respect for Nature are two fundamental values that are now more often than not neglected or violated for the sake of more money.

Unity in diversity

Unity in diversity
There are so many races and so many cultural, political, economic and religious differences. Yet every human being is a mixture of many races. Races that have been influenced by other cultures, religions, political and economic systems throughout the centuries… Nonetheless,all people have something in common and that is the key to a better world for everyone.

World upside down – war and dialogue

World upside down - war and dialogue
Billions are still invested in new weapons that are even more lethal than before.  Why not invest more in war prevention and conflict resolution?

This world – a deadly jungle

This world - a deadly jungle
Defenceless men, women and children are the victims of laws and practices that lack a human face or humanity. Are these people not human beings deserving respect and a decent life? Many laws and practices are in for a thorough revision or a complete replacement.


Sweet and tender

Sweet and tender
This evening I was waiting at the traffic lights. The sunset was extremely colourful and nice. A car stopped next to me to wait too. In the backseat of the car there was a child, about 2 years old with blond curly hair. I smiled at the child and he smiled back. Spontaneously a broad happy smile appeared. I smiled again and he started to wave his hand. He smiled and waved his hand. Spontaneously and quite long. I waved my hand too and the child… He put his hand to his mouth and blew me a kiss.


Feelings are part of the language of our heart. They communicate the state of the heart. Feelings can be good and can be bad. Good feelings should be expressed more freely. Suppressing feelings often leads to frustration and even to bad health and violence. Bad feelings should be controlled more. Children should be taught how to control them.

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PRIVACY: your data remain in Danellandia

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