Lockdown of banks and fiscal paradises

Lockdown of banks and fiscal paradises

When surfing on the internet there are already plenty of adverts promising you to keep your money safe and away from the prying eyes of the tax collectors. Will history repeat itself? When a major banking group published its ominous advert in 2008 saying that “wealth is the ability to say to the world to get lost”, we felt that the whole system needed to be replaced. Today that urgency is even more evident.
Moonlight in a bottle

Moonlight in a bottle

One of the few things that are still free of charge nowadays is the moonlight. The moon reflects the sunlight to brighten up most of our nights. The moon’s gravity generates the tides in our oceans. These are visible signs of the moon’s impact. Yet, the full role of the moon in all life on Earth is still largely unknown.
Letter to WEF at Davos

Letter to WEF at Davos

Every year, Davos in Swizerland is the place to be for world leaders from many countries. The meetings held there mainly relate to the “state of the world”. But nothing really changes because the main starting point is how to keep capitalism working for part of the world’s population. If we want to really change this world and make every person be treated as a human being in whatever country, capitalism needs to be reformed or replaced. The focus now is on money and finances. Politics and economics should be based on the respect for human values. The respect for people and the respect for Nature are two fundamental values that are now more often than not neglected or violated.

Multinational greed
Why are multinationals allowed to evade taxes so that they get yet another unfair advantage to push other companies, that do pay taxes, out of the market? Why are they allowed to dominate the market and to impose their way of doing business? Time for a global fair tax system. Time to phase out fiscal paradises.
American dream/nightmare
Making dreams come true is generally fine. But when it makes the dreams of others into a nightmare and when it makes others into victims of blind greed and exploitation, there are definitely not fine! Basing astronomical dividends, bonuses and wages on sucking the life out of others is abysmally primitive in terms of the WSOP world we all need. Right now!
Capitalist monster
Capitalism might have worked. Yet, unbridled greed and poor ethical standards have led to a limited group or elite taking sky-high profits and salaries, astronomic dividends and bonuses and what-not from the rest of the population. If this kind of voracious monstrosity is not halted and replaced by a system based on honesty and justice, capitalism will devour everything – including the elite now perpetuating a system of growing inequalities and social injustice.
Excessive profits, bonuses, fees and the like lead to imbalances in society that affect its stability and social cohesion. These excesses of capitalism threaten to undermine just about everything.

False and true heroes

False and true heroes
How can anyone be called a hero when he killed and maimed innocent people? How can anyone be called a hero when he killed and maimed defenceless children? How can anyone be called a hero when his weapon is terror and destruction? It is easy to be a false hero. But it takes part of your very self to be a true and lasting hero.

Trapped in a system

Trapped in a system
I am here in a country at war. In a war I do not want. I do not want to die. My enemy does not want to die either. Why are we enemies? Is it our choice? Or was it the choice made by others? Why do we feel hate? I do not like to feel hate. My enemy probably does not like it either.

You’re OK

You're OK
Sometimes it is hard to feel OK. People often feel sad or dissatisfied. Dissatisfied with themselves. Dissatisfied with the way their life is going. Many people blame themselves for not having the life they wanted. For not seeming to correspond with what others or society expect of them. But do the latter expect the right things? What are their expectations based on?

Promised Land

Promised Land
Many people are hoping to find the mythical Promised Land. We had been looking too. We had travelled the world and found there was none. At least not physically. Until we found it in our minds. Peace and human values can take Humanity to the Promised Land. If we do not change, the Land will always be a myth.

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