Pax Mundi Danellandia

Weapon of peace

When Danellandia was created we discovered
a weapon of peace in the form of a message.
It was so enlightening.

It is about the essence of life and Nature.

People need not to be worried about the weapon if they are of good will. They will be glad that it has finally been discovered.

It was the result of profound research on the present state of affairs in the world: war, religious conflicts, terrorism, poverty, misery, pollution, fair trade, scientific experiments, commercial exploitation, violence, education...

The weapon of peace can destroy weapons of any other type. Starting with any violence to the most advanced. Its impact will be massive. It can destroy without killing. It is not chemical nor biological. It works on the nature of anyone. On mentality.

It can be devastating on the impact, but it has healing elements in it.

Peace to people and to the world

The final result is that it brings peace to the person affected by it. Even the hardest violators of peace will be hit.

Just imagine a great reduction in violence. So big as to make it possible to destroy the nuclear weapons. Utopian? No. Because the message deals with the essence of life.

Defence spending could be reduced and the financial means could be used to invest in the projects that Danellandia puts forward or others.

You probably wonder why the defence industry has not come up with a similar weapon. You will understand when you hear the message and see its reach. It will take civilization to a higher level.

The weapon cannot be used yet. The message not revealed. The world is simply not ready for it.

First certain changes are needed

The mentality of saying "let us wait and see whether disaster occurs" has to change to "we will make sure that disaster does not occur".