Pax Mundi Danellandia


United for the Survival of the Earth

Time is no longer money

As time goes by and problems facing Mankind take on ever larger dimensions, it should dawn on our leaders that time can no longer be measured in terms of money alone. If they do not understand that time can really run out, there are in for replacement.

Global warming, Nature degradation, wars, nuclear threats, poverty... need a different approach. A common approach.

Because everything is still expressed in terms of money and profit, problems are tackled while the question is: "what is in for me?" Leaders should see that they and their countries can benefit more when the question becomes: "what is in for me and for them?"

Many leaders and countries are still at the "what is in for me?" stage. Selfishness still runs high. Power struggles are waged in politics and in economics because of it. With devastating consequences and the loss of many lives and the waste of enormous resources that could be spent to tackle the problems.

For many decades, green organizations have told us that our very planet is at risk. We are all in the same ship, whether poor or rich. We all need a common approach to save it. Together we can see to it that our ship does not sink. Alone we just do not stand a chance.

Why not create a new organization and call it United for the Survival of the Earth - USE - to put the best brains, the best technology and the largest finances into common projects that will benefit all? Yes, all those aboard the ship called Humanity.

Global warming

Global warming is largely due to the combustion of fossil fuels. Why not massively develop alternatives that can be used soon? Do we want the oil companies to dominate the energy market until the very last drop of oil? And continue with the combustion until the very last breath of clean air or the very last drop of pure water?

How much longer will share prices dominate the economic news? It remains a fickle business indeed, often based on the winds blowing through the stock exchange - simple rumours and speculations. Just imagine the effect global warming with natural catastrophes will have on them. We will need more solid economic constructions with solidarity at the very foundation.