Pax Mundi Danellandia

Circle of Peace

use it to solve conflicts

Analyze a conflict situation using the following scheme.
To solve it, let yourself be guided by the human values in Danellandia.

I. facts and figures

What is the conflict about?
Who are the various actors?
Who are the actors behind the scene?
What are the facts?

II. problems

What are the problems?
Different aspects of the problems (social, personal,
economic, financial, political, judicial, religious...)?
From the point of view of the various actors.

III. reasons

What are the reasons for the problems?
Are there any hidden reasons?
What are the causes and the consequences?
Do the actors contradict each other?
How can human values be strengthened?

IV. solutions

What needs to be done to remedy the causes?
What decisions need to be taken?
Can a common project be found beneficial to all parties involved?
Short/medium and long-term.

V. options

Probable with time.