Pax Mundi Danellandia

Our children

Danellandia wants to help to build a better world, especially for children.

Children our future  

Children are like flowers in our garden of life.

They add colour to our lives.

They are precious little diamonds.
Diamonds that we should help to shine.

Giving them a family of love and affection.
Giving them a society that cares.
Giving them a world of peace.

Teaching them not too many details
of long-gone history or other complicated subjects.
Teaching them how to cope with life and how to enjoy it.
Teaching them what human values mean.

Letting them be children.
Letting them feel they belong.
Letting them feel they are important.

Teaching them the language of peace.
Teaching them how to communicate with people.
With people of other races, cultures and religions.

Giving them the knowledge and strength
not to be absorbed by excessive materialism.

Teaching them there is more to life
than money or material riches.

Children are precious little diamonds.
They are our future we should cherish.

A little help can make the difference

Danellandia hopes that more people will want to help children that have little means to build a nice future. We would like to invite you to visit Curamundi and read about projects for children.

Receiving a smile from a child you help is just great!

Many thanks for your attention and possible help.

Peace, Pedro and Peace partners