Pax Mundi Danellandia

In a nutshell

Danellandia was created on March 28, 2004.

Its aim: to bring more justice and peace to the world.
Its basis: human values.
The core value: peace.

Danellandia started to correspond with several hundreds of people around the world and of many races, cultures and religions about human values. We found common ground to build peace on.

We corresponded extensively with a group of 40 people from Bhutan over China and Egypt to Argentina. We discussed human values and happiness.

The biggest happiness is making others happy. The best environment for happiness is peace. So, we decided to launch various peace projects.

PAX FIDES: aims at reconciliation between religions. Pax is peace and fides is faith and trust. In yourself, in your fellow human being and - if you want - in God or Peace.

PAX HUMANITAS: aims at reconciliation between various political and economic systems. The ideal system has not yet been invented. Communism is not the answer but capitalism with excessive materialism is neither. Humanitas stands for humanity.

7.7.7 - PAX FIDES - global day of peace against violence. Violence is considered the disrespect for human values. It is an illness that can only be cured by peace. Also deliberate pollution of Nature is considered to be violence, as are racism and commercial exploitation.

OUR WORLD: messages on human values in all aspects of life. See under target letters.

OCEANS FOR ALL: aimed at the signing worldwide of a charter to make the oceans outside the 200 mile territorial waters as well as the two poles the property of Mankind.

Other projects include educational programmes and charity in social welfare and Nature care. As well as media material to get to know other cultures and religions better. For more projects see projects.

Danellandia is the first global village of Peace. It is led by Pedro and Stella. It has a network of contacts throughout the world and it is growing.