Pax Mundi Danellandia

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The rainbow and the diamond

Danellandia brings a new light in the shape of a rainbow.
A new light for a new and better world.

A world where human values are at the centre of the stage.

The present world needs to see things differently.
It needs to see the things that really matter, like respect,
honesty, justice, equality, peace, humanity, tolerance,
charity, solidarity, liberty, trust and friendship.

The rainbow symbolizes light and diversity.
Diversity in unity and unity in diversity.
We cannot all be the same, but we need direction.

A light with so many colours. We cannot do without.

The colours of our world are becoming more tainted by the day. Through all the misery and problems we are creating.

Each human being is like a diamond. Each human being
has to make it shine himself. Beauty is inside. Each diamond is unique.

So is each human being. He can shine through his personality and through his deeds. Like by respecting and strengthening human values.

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