Pax Mundi Danellandia

Letters to friends

Honesty and fairness

Some years ago we went to Central America where they told us that a foreign company had abandoned a plantation without providing alternative crops to the peasants. It took them years to get off the ground again. This was greatly unfair. Fair trade should be the norm. The only one.


We visited our foster child in the poor neighbourhood of Guatemala some time ago. We have sponsored the child for several years through Plan International. Seeing the joy and gratitude in the smile of the child was emotional. We decided to foster another child to give it a chance to have a better future (education, housing, medical care...). We want to sponsor more. Danellandia will hopefully inspire many people to do so too.


We carried out some research on faith and religion among several hundreds of people of different cultures and religions around the globe. The main conclusion was that in essence religions are similar. They try to explain the humanly inexplicable: God. In essence, faith is the same and religions offer different ways to find it and to live it. Why not have peace between religions? PAX FIDES aims at that.


Our 85 year old neighbour was cheated and her trust was abused. A so-called tax inspector came to visit her and said she needed to pay succession taxes. He showed compassion; her husband had died only some months ago. They talked about many things. He gained her trust and she finally paid him the taxes: a couple of thousand of euros. Only when the false inspector had left and she called her son, did she realize that the inspector was not an inspector at all, but a crook.


Money is a means and not an aim. It is a pity that to many people, money does seem to be the aim. Almost the only aim. At the expense of the real values in our life: the inner riches that you can share with others. That gives you warmth and love. Love cannot sustain us, but it does make you healthier. Brazilian friends of mine end their letters with "a brotherly or sisterly kiss on your heart". To express the affection they feel for you. The heart as a symbol of your soul, as a symbol of your love.