Pax Mundi Danellandia

Letter from Pedro

Hello. I'm Pedro.
I live in Danellandia,

an imaginary world of peace

and humanity.

I was born in a family

where love and peace

were always on the menu.

I was taught what real values

mean in life.

I was taught that friends

are cherished and cared for.

Already as a child

I felt bad when people quarrelled.

As an adolescent

I would stand up for my friends.

As an adult

I could visit many places

all around the world.

I met presidents

and also visited shantytowns.

I saw extreme riches

and utter poverty first hand.

The contrast between rich and poor

made a deep scratch on my heart.

It has been bleeding ever since.

Years later I was attacked

verbally and continuously by someone

not having the right values.

For weeks on end he put pressure on me.

I finally could not cope

and I experienced

what we called a brain stop.

My "brain" decided to help me.

It switched off my contact

with the real "bad" world.

And showed me a new world.

A better and more just world.

I was gone for a while

until the love of my sweetheart

and of my family brought me back.

Back into the real world.