Pax Mundi Danellandia

Human anchor and Pedro

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Human anchor

Human values are like an anchor of life to hold on to. Whatever storm you have to weather.

Human values are like a beacon for the captains of our vessels: our countries, our businesses and our religions. A beacon to set sail to: the common good of Humanity in a world of Peace.

A world without war would mean a world with huge resources to invest in urgently needed projects like green energy (we owe it to Nature), the reduction of poverty (we owe it to Humanity) and the education of our children (giving them an anchor and/or a beacon of life).

Danellandia aims at promoting these values in the media and in the messages and letters it sends. And in two forums (one on economics and politics and one on religions) aimed at peace.

"We do it all for the smile of a happy child wherever. For the smile of a happy world forever".


We hope you like this thought. And we hope you will like Danellandia. We will be spreading more of these thoughts as part of a campaign for peace and happiness.

Quite a few people have called me Padre. You know why? As a child I was the oldest of a group of a dozen nieces and nephews. I had a wonderful youth and I was their big brother (a real big brother not the caricature of it on TV). They liked to be with me and came to me for a chat or to help them out for school or wherever they needed some advice.

Later in life, a lot of other people have confided in me. They say I have a fine listening ear and a soft comforting voice. I have come up to defend people that were treated in an unjust way. They are grateful till today.

People talk to me about very personal matters. Also now, friends that I met on the internet from many countries and that have different religions or cultures do so too.